dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

Christian can't explain more about God.

I believe in God myself but this person just can't explain his existence.

Quagma: quark-gluon plasma is the state of matter which emerged from the Big Bang. Matter, when raised to sufficiently high temperatures, melts into a magma of quarks - a quagma. And at such temperatures the fundamental forces of physics unify into a single superfoce.

  By the way, God didn't write the bible. The man himself did.

How to troll on Monster Hunter Tri(for the Wii)

Hello, Gentlemen. I just started playing a 16+ game called monster hunter and once you finish it, it is boring. Now, you get in the mood to screw up the gameplay for others, I figured out a couple of ways.

1. Give the players garbage by going to your items and clicking give.
2. When in a capture game take 5 pickaxes and 5 bugnets and grab the capture gear on time. If you are also high in rank it should be fun since the Rathian( or any monster that makes the game newbieproof ) could be spawned on a Qurupeco capturing mission. Just mine and gather stuff and let the people in the mission suffer.
3. On a Jhen Moran mission try and get a switch-axe and press + on your teammates. Throw them off the ship
4. Take 3 Small bombs with you on a hunting mission. When you have the monster killed and carved before your team put some small bombs when they are about to carve. Repeat for maximum Lulz.
5. Get some of the worst armour and add up some Decorations that make you easier to kill. Once pinch and you will keep getting dead. That should ruin the game for the others since they will lose reward as much as you do.
6. In the beginning of every quest try and snatch all the items out of the supply box so your team won't have anything.
7. When a teammate attempts to sharpen his sword or drink a potion you should try and hit him continuously so he gets enraged.

Have fun being a troll in a kid's game

woensdag 6 oktober 2010


Ohoho! Hallo! Je m'apelle Le Pierrebear!